Monday, 24 November 2008

Here's hoping

Now that the weather has turned bitterly cold, I find myself afflicted with an inchoate aspiration. I want to... Help those with less Heating than myself? No, that doesn't sound right at all. I want to... Hark the Herald angels sing? No, not so soon after Halloween. Let's see: I want to... Hide my savings under my duvet? Sure, but I'd Have to convert them to Hard cash first. I want to... beHead the Chancellor perhaps, or at least shave off his eyebrows? (Yes, but hagainst the law.)

Shhh! Let me concentrate. Now then: I want to... um... Hug a Hairy Hominid? No, no, no! I really want to... Hibernate? Closer, but not there. I want to... Have a Holiday in Hawaii! Yes, that's it. Phew! Just goes to show how far you can stray from your real needs when you confuse your aspirations with your aspirates.