Friday, 17 August 2007


Last night Pussy Janeway trotted into the lounge from outside, a little mouse clamped in her jaws. She dropped it onto the floor in front of me, patted it a few times to check it was dead, and began to eat it head first. After a couple of minutes she had devoured every last scrap.

Those who equate selfishness with inconsiderate behaviour would call that selfish. I call it boorish. Yes, I know she had no obligation to share her mouse with me... but PJ's staple foods are crunchies and the jelly surrounding the "meaty chunks" in the more expensive brands of cat food. The mouse was just a snack, and it would have been polite to offer me some. After all, I always share my king prawns with her.


  1. I didn't know you had a cat, and such a lovely one!

  2. Only to read on and find you have two!

  3. Janeway (cat of great beauty and lovliness)4:20 pm

    Thank you kindly, nightingale26

  4. Pretty Boy Kirk4:21 pm

    Wait until you see _my_ picture!