Sunday, 20 July 2008

How to do things properly

Here's how to do push-ups properly:

Really, I never knew. They're hard! I did look up how to do them in The Royal Marines circuit training book, but the text there didn't tell me everything I needed to know. The illustrations, featuring an unattractive, vest-clad man with a moustache and protuberant buttocks, weren't explicit enough either. Videos are better at explaining how to do exercises, and it helps if the presenter is cute.

VideoJug tells you how to do everything properly:

How To Eat Sushi

Oh boy. I now realise that in the past I have offended by taking way too much soy sauce and wasabi in one go, not bothering to eat the ginger at all, and nibbling sushi to bits instead of taking an entire piece with a single bite. And you're supposed to dip with the fish side down! And you're not allowed to leave any rice on your plate! I am really going to have to practice.


  1. I once had a personal trainer (when my house was somewhat smaller and my discretionary funds somewhat larger) who said that if she could do only one exercise it would be push-ups.

    They are hard, but really worth the effort to do correctly. And not the "girly" kind, either!

  2. My attempts at real push-ups do seem to have had a beneficial effect on my upper body strength, so I'll take your advice and keep plugging away at them. One advantage of push-ups, sit-ups etc. is that you can do them anywhere - home, a hotel room - and don't need any equipment.

  3. Exactly. And I don't know about you, but in addition to where you're supposed to feel it (chest, arms) push-ups work my abdominal muscle(s?)tremendously. I think that comes from trying to keep the right form.

  4. I put the wasabi and the ginger on the sushi, then eat it. Now I learn I've been doing it wrong all these years. Sushi is more complicated than a ham sandwich.

  5. Myrhaf: I looked up "ham sandwich" on Urban Dictionary, and rather wished I hadn't; I don't think any of the definitions offered covered what you meant... Sticking to what I know, the essential ingredient in a ham sandwich is an inordinate quantity of English mustard: when you take a bite and feel the steam coming out of your ears, you know you've added nearly enough.

    LB: yes, I also feel push-ups in the abdominals (now that I'm doing them right).