Friday, 26 October 2007

Wait your turn!

Brent Cowgill alerted me (via UKOA) to this wonderful story in the Daily Mail. Published on 23rd October, it is about a petrol station cashier who told a robber she was too busy to serve him:
Instead of surrendering the £15 cash from her till, the 51-year-old turned to the raider and told him she was too busy to deal with him.

I just got on with it," she said. "British people don't stop work just because someone is trying to bully us with guns."

Yesterday David Collinson, 42, was beginning a seven-year jail sentence after he was convicted of robbery at Gloucester Crown Court.
When her colleague told her she had to give the robber money,
"I said, 'Whatever for?'"


"I was going to thump him, but I thought twice because it may well have been a real gun. Anyone that knows me, knows that I would."
Good for her.

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