Thursday, 14 May 2009

Ayn Rand in the UK: Yaron Brook's UK speeches

Last February Dr Brook visited the UK to speak at Oxford University (here and here) and at the Adam Smith Institute in London. He also gave a fascinating interview just before the ASI speech.

Videos of the London interview and speech are now available on YouTube.

Interview (about 28 minutes in total)
London interview Part 1 - Ayn Rand in the UK; what "free markets"?; the actual causes of the economic crisis
London Interview Part 2 - Why everyone always blames the bankers
London Interview Part 3 - Why the $9B Stimulus Package must fail and what would succeed
London Interview Part 4 - President Obama; the future of the Right

Capitalism without Guilt: the moral case for freedom - main speech (about 32 minutes in total)
ASI speech Part 1
ASI Speech Part 2
ASI Speech Part 3
ASI Speech Part 4

Capitalism without Guilt - Q&A session (about 27 minutes in total)
ASI speech Part 5 - Is it in one's own interest to save a drowning child?
ASI speech Part 6 - Did the Republican Party's move towards religion put off voters?
ASI speech Part 7 - How can we communicate the true nature of capitalism to those unversed in economics?
ASI speech Part 8 - What is the proper role of government?
ASI speech Part 9 - How can the philosophy of Objectivism be reconciled with democracy?
ASI speech Part 10 - Views on Ron Paul; Should Holocaust deniers be prosecuted?
ASI speech Part 11 - Views on torture; Aren't altruism and socialism incompatible; How can we make the emotional case for capitalism; Should we be optimistic?

Among Dr Brooks's innumerable virtues as a speaker is his habit of addressing the wider implications of every question - so you'll get a lot more out of the clips above than the brief descriptions suggest.

To see the whole collection in one place, just go to

Oliver Williams made and uploaded the videos.

Andrew Medworth, the interviewer, posted an account of all these events on his blog.

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