Monday, 12 March 2007

Global Warming

I am grateful for the recent, temporary, and probably brief warm phase. My problem is that I don't know whom to be grateful to. The warmth of the past decade or two certainly can't be credited to God, and almost as certainly wasn't caused by mankind. But surely it can't be natural, can it? Could thousands of politicians, grant-dependent scientists and bottle-washing housewives really be wrong?

Yes, according to the startlingly good Channel 4 documentary, The Great Global Warming Swindle, first broadcast on 8th March:


  1. It might be true... it might not be true.

    But still you won't dispute that the quality of life in the 21st century has degraded. Pollution and the cutting of trees has made widespread damage.

    If you come into one of our cities like Delhi or Mumbai you'd find what almost no trees and lots of cars/industries have done.

    It's at least time if not for Global Warming, but at least for our planet that we DO something...

    Thanks for the comment btw. ;)

  2. I've heard what Delhi is like from others who have been there and I agree that dirt and pollution aren't good. But those problems can be fixed locally (not globally), and what will fix them is greater wealth and improved technology - both of which India is enjoying more and more of. The answer to pollution cannot be to shackle the source of the wealth that makes our advanced civilisation possible, ie industrial production.